Greens Spokesperson for Employment

Barbara Pocock grew up on a mallee farm in South Australia. She is an economist and Emeritus Professor who has spent her life fighting for the rights of working people, women and low-income workers. She established and led the Centre for Work + Life at the University of South Australia until 2014 and was awarded an AM for services to industrial relations research and social justice in 2010. She has written many books and articles, worked in shearing sheds, on farms, in universities, in government and as a mother.

Barbara became a South Australian Senator for the Greens in 2022 and is currently the Greens spokesperson for Finance, Employment and Public Sector portfolios. Additionally, Barbara has recently chaired a Senate Select Committee looking at work and care in Australia which shows the need for a new 21st century social contract, one that creates a practical right to care alongside the right to work. She is passionate about action on climate change and creating a sustainable future for future generations – in a world of greater economic justice. She lives in Adelaide with her partner Ian.