UWA Business School

Dr Caleb Goods is a prominent researcher and senior lecturer at UWA, based in the Management and Organisations department at the UWA Business School. He specialises in the future of work, the ‘gig’ economy, and ‘greening’ workplaces.

Dr Goods joined UWA in 2014 as a research fellow before completing a 12-month stint as a postdoctoral researcher in Toronto, Canada. He then returned to the University and took up a position as a lecturer in 2017. Dr Goods is currently researching the ‘gigification’ of work, defined as work organised via platforms or apps such as Uber, Airtasker and Deliveroo. His research examines how people are experiencing these changes and what these changes mean for people’s work and broader lives.

His other research focuses on transitioning the world of work from a high-carbon economy to a low-carbon world. Dr Goods’ research examines the shutdown of ‘old’ polluting industries, the development of new green industries and the adoption of green practices into existing workplaces.